10 Best Size Luggage for 7 Day Cruise for 2024 & FAQ

When setting out on a 7-day cruise adventure, selecting the perfect luggage is crucial to ensure a smooth and enjoyable voyage. In this article, we will explore the 10 best luggage options tailored specifically for a week-long cruise. Whether you’re cruising to tropical destinations, exploring the Mediterranean, or heading to Alaska, having the right luggage will make your journey stress-free. Read on to discover the ideal luggage sizes and styles that will accommodate all your essentials while still complying with cruise line regulations.

Why Choosing the Right Luggage for a Week Cruise Matters

Before we explore our top 10 selections for cruise luggage, it’s crucial to grasp why selecting the right option holds such significance. Opting for the appropriate luggage can significantly elevate your cruise experience in various ways:

Efficiency and Convenience

Selecting luggage that suits your needs will help you stay organized and ensure a hassle-free trip.

Compliance with Cruise Line Policies

Different cruise lines have varying restrictions on luggage size and weight. The right luggage will help you avoid additional fees or inconveniences.

Protecting Your Belongings

Quality luggage can protect your belongings from damage during travel.

Stylish and Practical

The right luggage can be both fashionable and functional, elevating your overall cruise experience.

Now that we understand the importance of choosing the right luggage let’s dive into our top 10 picks for the best luggage sizes for a 7-day cruise.

The Top 10 Luggage Sizes for Your 7-Day Cruise

1: Carry-On Luggage

When preparing for a 7-day cruise, the practicality of carry-on luggage should not be underestimated. This compact and adaptable choice ensures that your essential items, such as travel documents, medications, spare clothing, and valuable belongings, remain easily accessible throughout your cruise. With carry-on luggage, your cruise journey becomes more efficient, allowing you to explore the world of cruise travel with greater ease and enjoyment.


2: 22-Inch Spinner Suitcase

The 22-inch spinner suitcase is a popular choice for a 7-day cruise. It strikes the perfect balance between size and convenience, offering ample space for your clothing and other essentials while adhering to the size limits set by most cruise lines. With its 360-degree spinning wheels, it’s a breeze to maneuver through crowded cruise ship corridors and airports, making your travel experience more efficient and stress-free.


3: 24-Inch Expandable Suitcase

If you’re the kind of traveler who likes a bit more room to work with, a 24-inch expandable suitcase might be your ideal choice. This suitcase offers flexibility in packing, thanks to its expandable design. You can fit more into it when needed, and it still meets the size requirements of most cruise lines. This means you can pack for a variety of weather conditions and occasions without worrying about exceeding size limits.


4: 26-Inch Softside Luggage

Softside luggage is a practical and lightweight option for your 7-day cruise. The 26-inch softside suitcase offers a good balance between space and manageability. Its flexible fabric exterior allows for easy packing and storage, and it’s typically easier to squeeze into tight spaces like cabin closets or under the bed. Softside luggage is also a bit more forgiving in terms of weight, which can be advantageous when trying to stay within cruise line weight limits.


5: 28-Inch Hardshell Suitcase

For those embarking on longer cruises and needing extra space for their belongings, the 28-inch hardshell suitcase is a top choice. This suitcase provides ample room for your clothing, accessories, and souvenirs you collect along the way. The hardshell design offers excellent protection for your items, ensuring they remain intact during your journey. Despite its larger size, it’s still manageable, and its durability is a bonus for travelers who want their luggage to withstand the rigors of travel.


6: Duffle Bags

Duffle bags are versatile and adaptable luggage options for travelers who prefer a more flexible packing solution. Whether you opt for a traditional duffle bag or a more structured one with wheels, duffle bags are excellent for fitting odd-shaped items and making the most of storage space. They are ideal for those who like to keep their packing simple and want a bag that can be easily stowed away when not in use.


7: Rolling Garment Bag

If you’re planning to bring formal wear on your cruise, a rolling garment bag can be a lifesaver. These bags are designed to keep your suits, dresses, and other formal attire wrinkle-free during your journey. They typically come with hangers and compartments to help you organize your clothing efficiently. When you arrive at your cabin, your formal-wear will be ready for that elegant dinner or special event.


8: Underseat Luggage

Underseat luggage is the perfect choice for keeping your essentials within arm’s reach. These compact bags are designed to fit under the seat in front of you on the plane or in your cruise ship cabin. They are ideal for storing items like your passport, wallet, phone, and any in-flight necessities, ensuring you have everything you need readily available during your journey.


9: Backpacks

A sturdy backpack can be a fantastic option for excursions and day trips during your cruise. Whether you’re exploring a port of call, going on a hike, or simply strolling around the ship, a backpack is a comfortable and convenient way to carry your essentials. Look for a backpack with multiple pockets and compartments to keep your items organized and easily accessible.


10: Trunk-Style Luggage

For those who want a touch of elegance and a stylish, vintage vibe, trunk-style luggage is an excellent choice. These distinctive pieces combine aesthetics with functionality. They often feature a hardshell exterior with metal accents, reminiscent of classic travel trunks. Trunk-style luggage is both eye-catching and practical, providing ample space for your belongings while adding a touch of sophistication to your cruise experience.



Now that we’ve explored the 10 best luggage sizes for a 7-day cruise, it’s essential to consider your specific needs and preferences when making a decision. Each option offers its unique benefits, and you should choose the one that best suits your requirements.


Selecting the right luggage for your 7-day cruise can significantly impact your travel experience. Whether you prefer the compact convenience of carry-on luggage or the spaciousness of a 28-inch hard-shell suitcase, there’s a perfect option for everyone. Remember to check the size and weight restrictions imposed by your chosen cruise line to ensure a seamless journey.

So, before you set off on your exciting cruise adventure, make sure to invest in the right luggage that suits your style, preferences, and travel needs.

Luggage for a Week Cruise FAQs:

Q: Can I bring multiple pieces of luggage on a cruise?

A: Cruise lines often have restrictions on the number of bags you can bring, so it’s essential to check with your specific cruise line’s policy. In most cases, one or two pieces of luggage per person are allowed.

Q: Are there any size restrictions for carry-on luggage on a cruise?

A: Yes, most cruise lines have size restrictions for carry-on luggage. These restrictions vary, so it’s crucial to review the cruise line’s policy before packing.

Q: What should I pack in my carry-on luggage for a cruise?

A: It’s a good idea to pack essential items like travel documents, medications, a change of clothes, and any valuable or fragile items in your carry-on luggage.

Q: Do I need to bring formal wear on a cruise?

A: Some cruises have formal nights, so it’s a good idea to bring formal attire if you plan to participate. Check your cruise itinerary for specific dress code requirements.

Q: Can I use a backpack as my primary luggage for a 7-day cruise?

A: Yes, a backpack can be a suitable option for a 7-day cruise, especially if you plan on participating in excursions and day trips. Just ensure it meets the cruise line’s size restrictions.

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